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Valdymo lazdelė, rašiklis DELTACO, juodas / STYL-1015

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Valdymo lazdelė, rašiklis DELTACO, juodas / STYL-1015
Valdymo lazdelė DELTACO STYL-1015, juoda


DELTACO pen for touch screens, ballpoint pen with black ink, black

A smooth pen for your touch device. Works like a finger on capacitive touch screens. If you turn on the pen and remove the lid, you can write on a regular paper as well!

Dimensions (WxDxH): 9x9x142mm.
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Width    9 cm
Depth    9 cm
Characteristics    Pen-like pocket clip
Color    Black
Length    14.2 cm
Service and support    3 years
Type of product    Pen / pen

Papildoma informacija

Papildoma informacija

SKU RIV-553015000029
Pagaminimo šalis Kinija
Svoris netto, kg 0.04
Svoris brutto, kg 0.12
Tūris, m3 0
Ilgis, cm 0.9
Plotis, cm 0.9
Aukštis, cm 14.2
Gamintojas DELTACO
EAN kodas 734000467878
Vartotojo instrukcija Download
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