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June 2, 2020

Dear Customers,

we want to inform you that effective June 3, 2020, DPD UKD (custom stevedoring) again becomes an optional rather than a mandatory service.
This means that you can choose delivery with or without UKD.

What is Custom Stevedoring (UKD)?

    Guaranteed delivery from the vehicle to the premises at the delivery address. *
    Neither the Sender nor the Recipient is present when carrying the packages.
    The service is performed by two DPD employees.

The service applies when one package weighs 31.5-80 kg or the consignment consists of many light packages (up to 31.5 kg).

* During the quarantine period, consignments are delivered to the door of an apartment or private house.

IMPORTANT: if the Custom Stevedoring (UKD) is NOT ORDERED in advance for a shipment that is heavier than 31.5 kg, the consignee MUST unload the shipment from the DPD vehicle himself and arrange for it to be taken to the premises.

UKD rates:

    EUR 14.48 + VAT for a consignment weighing up to 80 kg;
    EUR 11.58 + VAT for each additional 50 kg.

  The full text of the DPD message:

Coronavirus changes the order in which shipments are delivered

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